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Korean Drama: Bride of the Century

 백년의 신부
“Bride of the Century” main characters

Yang Ji Sung is in virtually every single scene in this movie. If you’re a fan of hers, you’ll be elated with Bride of the Century, as she plays both the girl on the left and right — two girls who look identical by chance and become intertwined for reasons that amount to no good.

Personally, this particular actor just doesn’t grow on me, but for Bride of the Century — she was acceptable. What her acting lacked was made up for by a very appealing role and script.

Lee Hong Gi plays Choi Kang-Joo, the rich CEO and heir of Taeyang Group, supposed to be one of the wealthiest companies in Korea. In a typical fashion for kdrama, the plot revolves around one family trying to marry into this wealthy family. However, the rather cold and detached Choi Kang-Joo is not a person to give away his heart — ever. Add to this the curse that shadows his family where the first-born son’s first wife always dies — and an elaborate, if not unrealistic, conspiracy is plotted to get one girl married into a family using another lookalike to serve as the first wife who dies.

I’m not sure what they planned on doing if this plan worked in Bride of the Century…the lookalike dies, but then the next day, the original (evil) woman shows up to say, “SURPRISE!”? I mean…

Anyway, the storyline is a little predictable, though not still not boring.

Jang Yi-Kyung is the one who is from a family that used to be pretty well-off but is having recent financial issues. Her mother plots her marriage into Taeyang Group, but Choi Kang-Joo knows exactly what’s going on here–that what these women want is his family’s money. In order to prevent her own daughter from being the first wife to die, they plot for a girl who unbelievably looks alike to replace her until the first night of the marriage passes.

Enter Na Doo-Rim, the lookalike, who is, of course, the sweetest person–and what she lacks in family, education or wealth, she makes up for by being the quintessential “good” character. And for this sweet lookalike, the otherwise ice-cold Choi Kang-Joo falls head over heels — not even realizing this is a completely different person.

Bride of the Century has very sweet moments of cute and funny — primarily from the comedic acts of Lee Hong Gi. I started off the series thinking he was a pretty face with minimal acting skills, but he’s much better-versed at being the warm, rather awkward and totally hilarious character than the original cold character he played in the beginning of the series. The antics he pulls had me cracking up for some episodes.

The series ended on April 12, 2014 — and all of the episodes are now available on Hulu.

Cast: 2.8/5
Story: 3/5
Romance: 3.5
Comedy: 3.2/5
Charm: 2.8

Overall: 3.06/5
Recommendation: If you’re bored, it’s worth watching. Otherwise, there are lots of other series that are more entertaining than this one.

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