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Train to Busan | Korean Movie Review

Train to Busan | Kdramaworld Korean Movie Review

A Korean zombie movie. Arrggh, right? Now I love The Walking Dead, and while I am normally not a zombie-movie kind of person, that show has been my one exception. The Walking Dead is an extraordinary television series in America. So when Korea releases a zombie movie, my interest is only mildly piqued; but when the movie has my all-time favorite Ma Dong-Seok starring in it, I'm easily convinced to at least give it a try. And my

Jealousy Incarnate | #Kdrama Review

Jealousy Incarnate | A KdramaWorld Kdrama Review

Have you ever had a serious crush on someone? Well, that seems to be the story of Pyo Nari's life, played by the always adorable Gong Hyo-Jin from Master's Sun and Producers. Similar to the media production of Producers, Jealousy Incarnate is also set in the television production world, namely a news station where the competition is fierce and the backstabbing ongoing. Now I love Gong Hyo-Jin and have always been thrilled to watch her in any

#Kdrama Review: Shopping King Louis

Shopping King Louis - Kdrama Review

Shopping King Louis just finished its 16-episode run last month. I was a little hesitant after episode 1, but after episode 2, we kept watching for two days straight until we were finished. So, would I recommend it? Well...that depends. (Warning at the end.) First, this is a comedy. It's really quite funny and  endearing, and while the storyline is stereotypical in a way (as are most Korean dramas), it manages to remain fresh and engaging throughout the

New & So Good: SIGNAL (시그널) — Korean Drama Starring Kim Hye Soo

Signal - Korean Drama | Review

Signal Begins on tvN Signal is a brand new Korean drama (thriller, actually) that was released just five days ago, replacing the timeslot of Answer Me 1988 (I miss them already!)--and we've just finished the first two episodes. Signal stars the always great Kim Hye-Soo, and sharing the lead is also Lee Je-Hoon of The Secret Door (2014) and Cho Jin-Woong, from the Korean movie, A Hard Day. I planned to watch this when I had read that

#AnswerMe1988 : Must-Watch Kdrama Series of 2015-2016 (aka REPLY 1988)


Is Answer Me 1988 the Best Kdrama of 2015? I can't think of a single 2015 Korean drama that's better than Reply 1988, also called "Answer Me 1988." I can't think of a single Korean series other than I'm Sorry, I Love You that made me sob like this at the end. Not just sob, it was flat out ugly-face crying. And the last Korean drama that had me waiting episode by episode like this was Answer Me 1994, a

Korean Movie Review: The Attorney (변호인)

Korean Movie: The Attorney

It's not very often that a Korean movie captivates me as much as the Korean film The Attorney, did when I watched it recently. The Attorney Looking at the poster, you think you get a general idea what this movie is about. Something warm and fuzzy about a family, right? Happy movie, right? You'd be totally off-the-mark. The Attorney is about one man and the incredible transformation he goes through in his life. Song Woo-Seok, played by the great actor Song

Kdrama Review: I’m Sorry, I Love You

I'm Sorry, I Love YOu

As usual - no spoilers. Feel free to read if you haven't watched I'm Sorry, I Love You. Hands down, this is one of my favorite Korean dramas. This remains as the only series I've ever bought on DVD. This also remains as the only series I have watched three times -- by choice. This many years later, I still get a little teary just listening to the theme song. And this remains the only series where I couldn't go