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Kdrama Review: I’m Sorry, I Love You

so ji sub i'm sorry i love you
Official Poster for I’m Sorry, I Love You

As usual – no spoilers. Feel free to read if you haven’t watched I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Hands down, this is one of my favorite Korean dramas.

This remains as the only series I’ve ever bought on DVD.
This also remains as the only series I have watched three times — by choice.
This many years later, I still get a little teary just listening to the theme song.

And this remains the only series where I couldn’t go to work because I cried so much while watching it and my eyes were swollen shut. SHUT!

And even now, if I ran into someone who didn’t watch it, I’d watch it again. Gladly.

I'm Sorry, I Love You
Im Soo-Jung in I’m Sorry, I Love You

Lim Soo-Jung basically makes her real debut in this I’m Sorry, I Love You. She had acted before but this series singlehandedly put her on the map and she’s become the movie star she is today because of the series. Her innocence, along with So Ji-Sub’s macho and absolutely wonderful portrayal of Cha Moo Hyuk in this series is what makes it most memorable.

so ji sub

so-ji-subSpeaking of So Ji Sub, while he’s an enormoous celebrity now, much of it happened because of his role in I’m Sorry, I Love You. That’s how big of an impact this series and storyline had in Korea; careers were made from this series. While So Ji Sub had taken a pretty popular role in a series previous to this — it was in this role that I became what might be his biggest fan. It’s embarrassing how much I like him. His most recent role in “Master’s Sun” is also endearing but nothing like his portrayal of Cha Moo Hyuk. With ghetto styling, ridiculous hair and an overall bum-like appearance, the first episode and a half, you’re not even sure if you like the guy. By episode 3, you’re enchanted.

By the end, you’re totally in love. Embarrassingly in love with Cha Moo Hyuk, and So Ji Sub.

I'm Sorry, I Love YOu
Im Soo-Jung portrays the innocent Song Eun-Chae

The chemistry between Im Soo-Jung and So Ji-Sub works wonderfully. She is an innocent and near naive character, sheltered from real life and lives with her head in the stars, so to speak. He’s rough and near crass, doesn’t know or understand love. The storyline itself is not new — but it’s the actual execution of this drama series that makes it feel completely new.

Here’s a trailer for you — nicely done.

And soon after the series completed in Korea, So Ji Sub was a household name in Japan for his role in the series. Here he is singing the  theme song in Japan:

I have yet to meet one person who has told me they didn’t like this series after watching it on my recommendation, so I am comfortable recommending it to you all. Don’t let the fact that it’s from some years ago deter you; there are very few series since then that can compare to how impactful this was.



Yes, it has its terribly sad moments. And ultimately, it’s a love story.

But not all love stories are created equal. This one is an epic Korean drama — and a classic now. And now it’s on DramaFever, there is no reason not to watch it.

sojisub-sorryiloveyouThe supporting cast is also noteworthy in I’m Sorry, I Love You. Some of them are irritating, some of them are such great friends — and all of them leave an impression in your mind.

If there’s one drama I recommend you try as your ultimate Korean drama, with all the components that make for a really addictive drama — it’s I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Here’s the first episode for you to try:

Let me know in the comment how you liked it after you finish the series! Remember, the first episode and a half or so are the back story; it’s crucial to understanding the series but can feel a bit dull. Wait for it!


10 thoughts on “Kdrama Review: I’m Sorry, I Love You

  1. I watched this drama 6 years ago and I’ve started to like So Ji Sub ever since. He’s such a good actor! I met him last year, he’s so humble and really handsome. Hope to meet him again. Looking forward to his new drama next week!

  2. I loved I’m Sorry, I Love You. It Was On the Verge of Being EPIC. I’m American Black and I Adore Korea. From Episode 10 I Was Ready To Give It 5 Stars, Ready to Lose A Kidney from Dehydration with my tears waiting for Oh Deul Hee to learn the truth, waiting to see who will catch her wrath. There was Sooo Much Wasted Time in the last 5 episodes. They should. have gave Oh Deul Hee her moment learning she had “children” not just a child that her oppa betrayed her….ALL THAT. Moo Hyuk should have expressed his fear of Eun Chae seeing him die. It was Fabulous and I’m Ready to Cry for Days and BOOM went pop. I Would have gave it Only 3 Stars but Eun Chae’s Love and Devotion at End got it 4 STARS. It was really. really good love yhe lead actors will watch everything they do But I Should Still Be Crying… I’m Just Annoyed About what could have been.

    1. I agree with the mother storyline.
      Ahh, just thinking about this drama makes me happy. It’s still the only kdrama I have as a DVD set. 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Comment *i’ve watched part of sorry i love you; it was nice, good and catchy, such that you’ll want to watch it again; though, it is tragic. i’ve also watched my moon from another star and i really enjoyed it. Meanwhile, i’m just watching “oh! my Venus”, can’t say much right now. keep on doing the good job. kisses!

  4. I finished it last night. I sobbed and gasped for air. My teen daughter asked me if I needed some chocolate. I started the series after watching Oh My Venus, where Cha Moo Hyuk’s lines in this are repeated by another character. I started out making fun of how cheesy the show started out, but then I got hooked, and by the end I was in love and in pain. It hurt so good.

    1. Jeanette – so glad you watched it. It’s so “old” now, but to this day, nothing tugs at my heartstrings like this one. I mean, it was full-on, on-the-ground, sobbing my eyes out kind of crying. HAHA.

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