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Kdrama: Sly and Single Again (앙큼한 돌시녀)

sly and single again kdrama

Given that 2014 is almost over, I feel relatively comfortable in saying this kdrama series, “Sly and Single Again” (앙큼한 돌시녀), is the best one from 2014. There’s been a few good series this year, but so far, from a drama series — nothing has come as close to being entertaining as this one.

In Korean, the title is “Sly Dol-Shing-Nyu” “Dol-Shing” is slang (and abbreviation) for a “returning single person,” or in other words, a divorcee.  Whenever we talk about a person who has been married before — we call them “dol-shing” to indicate their divorced status… or “single again”.

Best Drama Series 2014 kdrama
Main cast of Sly and Single Again

The lead characters are Lee Min-Jung and the wonderfully charismatic Joo Sang-Wook. I’ve discussed Lee Min-Jung a lot because she’s absolutely adorable and so pretty (and funny, too, in movies like Wonderful Radio) so let’s talk about Joo Sang-Wook for a moment.

Joo Sang Wook
Breathtaking Guy….Joo Sang-Wook

This guy… ahhh.

If he just happened to have a few more inches of height to him, he very well may be Korea’s top male actor. He’s most definitely on the petite side of things, though many times, you don’t notice it until a specific scene.

His acting is natural whether he’s playing a stern role like he did in Good Doctor, or hilarious characters like his role in Sly and Single Again.

Sly and Single Again kdramaHe played Cha Jung-Woo, the character who is the ex-husband of Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-Jung’s character). There is a wealth of history between the two that you won’t know when the series begins…but all of it unfolds during the episodes.

In current day, Cha Jung-Woo is a very wealthy man. When he runs into his ex-wife with whom he’s been estranged, and when, for her own reasons, Na Ae-ra decides to get him back — he believes it’s because of his wealth and feels he sees right through her.

His next series, The Birth of a Beauty, seems just as funny.

Sly and Single Again - Lee Min Jung
Lee plays Na Ae-ra, a divorcee who is living through hard times.

On the other hand, Na Ae-ra wants nothing to do with her ex’s money. Her reasons for pretending to want him back is purely for revenge. Their marriage had failed because of his failures – and seeing how wealthy he is now, she’s determined to make him suffer.

Sly and Single Again - Funny Korean Drama

The dynamics of this relationship is hilarious. The two actors add many dimensions to the roles and you can’t help but find both of them incredibly adorable. As is the case with many adult relationships, they are both extremely childish and extremely immature at times…but it’s fun watching those scenes and sweet to see them evolve on-screen.

Suh Kang Joon (서강준)

This was also the drama debut of the SUPER CUTE Seo Kang-Joon, who immediately thereafter started starring in the reality series, Roommate, after Sly and Single Again ended.

Since every Korean drama needs a love triangle, you can expect lots of friction coming from his character, Gook Seung-Hyun. For a first-timer, I thought he did incredibly well. If I didn’t see him on Roommate and learn that he’s brand new to acting, I would have never known.

Sly and Single Again 앙큼한 돌시녀
Seo Kang-Joon and Joo Sang-Wook

I’d be curious to see if you end up rooting for Seo Kang-Jun’s character, or that of Joo Sang-Wook. You will definitely be rooting for one or the other.

Sly and Single Again

If you haven’t watched Sly and Single Again — give it a try. It’ll keep you entertained from the first episode to the last.

Here’s a Korean interview with some of the cast members during production.

The entire series appears to be, but it’s also available on Dramafever.

Here’s the first episode on Youtube!

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