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KDrama Wrap-up: Angel Eyes


No joke.

I can only think of one drama series I disliked more than Angel Eyes.

angel eyes is terrible
The absolutely annoying Gu Hye Sun

It’s her. She’s so annoying. And I don’t think I’m referring to her character only.

Her character is annoying, too. She’s in frumpy clothing with hair that makes it look like she just got electrocuted and then dunked in paint.

But it’s not just the role of Yoon Soo-Wan that’s annoying. It’s the actress herself.

She has this pasty-white skin and this deer-in-headlights look glued to her face — like she thinks it’s cute except you tire of it in about 2.7 seconds. She smiles and it annoyed me; she does her usual “I’m so sad but I’m covering it up” look and I’m still annoyed. Gu Hye-Sun tried to be a cute, innocent yet “desirable” character and failed on all counts.


Like, I couldn’t wait for this series to end just so I could not see her again.

Angel Eyes Kdrama - Lee Sang Yoon

As mentioned in my intro for Angel Eyes — Lee Sang Yoon is quite wonderful. For a lot of shows, just his appearance can elevate it from an average to an above average show.

Not for Angel Eyes.

It was to the point that combined with Gu Hye Sun — even Lee Sang Yoon transformed into something annoying.

And never, ever did I think I would utter those words, never mind write it here.


I watched it to the very last episode — which, by the way, was more annoying than all of the other annoying episodes — and highly recommend you do NOT watch this one. It’s horrible.


/end rant

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