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Korean Drama Review: Yong Pal

kdrama Yong pal
Can this be the best drama series of 2015?

Action. Suspense. Romance. Charm. Scandal. Deception. Money.

Lots of money.

This series, so far, is really in the running for for the best kdrama I’ve watched this year, so far. Producer, starring Kim Soo Hyun is close, but I think this one might be better.

kdrama Yong pal
photo by Women’s Daily

The story’s main character is an outstanding–near savant level– surgeon who has a desperate side that in unbeknownst to his colleagues. He is from a family with troubles, no money and a deadbeat father, sick sister and a mother who died only a while back after a pitiful life. Desperate for money, “Yong Pal” moonlights as the surgeon to the gangs of Seoul.

yong pal Kim Tae hee
Kim Tae Jee stars as the rich, beautiful damsel in distress

Are you a fan of Kim Tae Hee’s? If so, well, this is the series for you. While she has a minimal role in the first couple of episodes, she’s the female lead. She is also in extraordinary trouble due to a completely messed up family situation that gets more complex and ridiculous per episode BUT does keep you engaged and intrigued, This stuff can’t happen in real life, but we don’t watch kdramas for replays of real life, do we?

용필이 드라마

At the time of this writing, only eight episodes have been released. I’ve laughed and I’ve also cried my eyes out in a couple of scenes. The series is well acted and the storyline, despite being a bit unbelievable, has all the right components to make an outstanding series.

To date, I was not a real big fan of Joo Won (주원) after seeing him on The Good Doctor. It wasn’t his acting–he actually portrayed that character quite well–but I like him quite a bit here. His tone, charisma and look suits the part well.

Kim Tae Hee, so far, suits her part well, too. The dynamics between the two are just developing and it works. The two, however, are supposed to be a year apart in age in the story, but Joo Won looks like a boy next to the significantly older Kim.

Have you watched Yong Pal yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Update after finishing the series: I have never seen a single Korean drama go from great to WHAT?? so quickly. Past episode 7 or so, Yong Pal took a nosedive to be ridiculous. Don’t bother watching it. Arrgggh it had such potential!!!

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