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Kdrama Intro: You’re All Surrounded


You Are All Surrounded
“You’re All Surrounded” — new Kdrama series

Starting May 7, 2014 — a new drama series called You’re All Surrounded kicked off on SBS. The three characters shown in the poster above, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, and Lee Seung Gi are the main characters in the series. Just by this alone, You’re All Surrounded is worth watching. This is the elite acting squad — and in You’re All Surrounded — they shine.

go ara answer me 1994
Go Ara and the “Answer Me 1994” cast members

The last time I saw Go Ara, I fell totally in love with her. Not only is she attractive but her acting is so believable and…lovable. She seems to natural envelope the roles she accepts and it was clear in Answer Me 1994 — probably one of the funniest dramas I have ever watched. She stars in 1994 without a lick of makeup, speaking in heavy regional dialect and transforming from a lovesick school girl hopelessly following basketball players around to a true leading female where all the viewers were rooting for one of either leading men. In You’re All Surrounded, whatever similar attributes her character may have, Go Ara does it again by endearing herself to the audience.

And let’s not forget how fabulous Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi are — separately and even more so together!

The scene above is from one of my favorites — “The Greatest Love” — where Lee Seung Gi made a hilarious cameo appearance on the series starring Cha Seung Won. It’s ironic, because the character of Doko Jin was originally offered to Lee Seung Gi, who turned it down — and Cha Seung Won made a huge hit out of it. This was one of the funniest scenes on that series, and the fantastic dynamics between the two actors continues on You’re All Surrounded where the two actors both take leading roles. Since this original casting irony and the cameo appearance, the two have appeared often together in commercials and shows — but to my knowledge, they have not starred together in a series until You’re All Surrounded.

you are all surrounded cha seung won lee seung gi
From the commercial shoot of Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi.
you're all surrounded cast
The two leading men: Cha Seung Won (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right)

And Cha Seung Won’s character in You’re All Surrounded, Suh Pan-Suk, VERY closely mimics the “Doko Jin” role he played in “The Greatest Love”. It’s not that the characters are the same, but he plays the role in a very similar style, and “You are All Surrounded” offers him the storyline to be as funny as he was in “The Greatest Love.” This is wonderful, because “Doko Jin” may have been the first character I have ever ACTUALLY missed when the series ended.

Here’s a view of Cha Seung Won’s photoshoot for You’re All Surrounded — where he explains a bit about his character in the series and conveys that he’s excited to be part of this drama.

The storyline in You’re All Surrounded is quite complex, starting from when Lee Seung-Gi’s character was just a school boy and fast forwarding to when he’s in his late 20s, and joins the Gangnam Police Squad as part of a unit of four rookie detectives, led by none other than Cha Seung Won, who absolutely, positively does not want them there. What he doesn’t know is the history behind why Eun Daegu (Lee Seung Gi’s character) is there — why he became a policeman and why he joined this particular unit. (You’ll know when you watch but Suh Pan-Seok remains in the dark at least through episode 4, which is what I watched last as of the time of this writing.)

Part of the rookie detectives crew is Go Ara, who was also a childhood acquiantance of Eun Daegu. There’s also more complexities behind that relationship — which you’ll have to watch to understand.

"You are All Surrounded"
The three leading roles in “You are All Surrounded”

First and foremost, You’re All Surrounded is entertaining. It’s actually quite action-packed, albeit not high-priced action. Second, the series is absolutely hilarious — full of moments where you will crack up because of the ridiculous situations these characters find themselves in, some of which Seo Pan-Suk places them in, and some which he rescues them from. While the actual storyline has some darkness, there’s rarely a moment when you forget just how funny You’re All Surrounded is.

Go Ara plays a role that tugs on your heartstrings — not because she’s sweet or cute as “Uh SooSun” — a ridiculously funny name if you understand Korean, but she really is so lovable.
Check out the video below where she’s being interviewed. So adorable! It’s partially her Gyungsando dialect, but she’s bright, she’s so natural (which is hard to find in Korean female celebrities) and just charming.

The rest of the cast in You’re All Surrounded are also pleasing to watch. I think this one will be one for the books so be sure to tune in and catch up. They have planned 20 episodes for the series — and six of them have been released at the time of this writing.

You can watch You’re All Surrounded on DramaFever or a new site I’ve found — Kdrama. The site appears to be nice and the video loads in HD without any glitches, but does have quite a bit of commercials in the free version.


 DRAMA WRAP-UP – Aug 1, 2012: 

Wow. I loved this series and definitely recommend you watch it. It’s a great balance between funny, suspenseful and even a little sad from time to time. Many of the characters have full role development and stories of their own — and Cha Seung-Won shines from the beginning to the end.

I find that as soon as the drama ended, I missed the chraracters almost immediately.

Watch this!



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