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Kdrama Intro: Angel Eyes

(See the Angel Eyes Wrap-Up to see if you should watch this series.)


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Angel Eyes Collage by — check out her site for great kdrama collages!

I’m a big Lee Sang Yoon fan — what a pleasant face that man has! So watching “Angel Eyes” was a given.  But the pairing of him to Gu Hye-Sun in Angel Eyes is problematic; there’s no chemistry between the two actors or characters.

Originally, when the drama kicks off with the child actors, you root for the two characters. Nam Ji-Hyun plays the role of the younger version of Yoon Soo-Wan (and nicely done, at that), a girl from a good family who is involved in a tragic car accident that kills her mother. In the rescue effort, the father of Park Dong-Joo (portrayed by Kang Ha-Neul as a youngster, the character later played by Lee Sang-Yoon) is also killed.  On the same day, same moment — both children lost a parent, the young Soo-wan loses her sight in the process,  and so begins the story of Angel Eyes.

After a few episodes of the budding teenage romance between the blind Soo-wan and Dong-Joo, and some important plot twists and conspiracies, Angel Eyes fast forwards 12 years to meet the adult versions of these characters.

angel eyes gu hye sun

And that’s when Gu Hye-Sun enters the series, continually annoying me with her acting.

If not for Lee Sang-Yoon, I’d have stopped there. Story or no story, her unnatural acting grates on your nerves.

She’s supposed to play a young lady who has now gotten her sight back. Without Dong-Joo in her life, she makes decisions based on him and has a tomboy-esque side to her personality. but Gu Hye-Sun can’t seem to find the middle ground to truly portray this type of person. Her acting can’t manage “cute” and “dark” at the same time.

The story itself in Angel Eyes is engaging and compelling. There are many mysteries, and more for the characters than for us, the audience. We know a lot of what has happened; they don’t!

I’m on episode 10 right now, halfway through the series. I won’t give away the plot, but I will say that this series has THE BEST soundtrack I’ve heard for a Korean Drama in awhile.

I love this:

Seriously, if not for Lee Sang-Yoon, watch Angel Eyes for the soundtrack. It’s dramatic, beautiful music!
On that note, I do recommend the series. It’s entertaining and has the necessary qualities that make a good series. Despite Gu Hye-Sun’s awkward acting, the storyline moves nicely and I’m excited to see how the series closes out.

Ratings to come later once the series is over.

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