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Kdrama Intro: Trot Lovers

Trot Lovers Korean Drama
Trot Lovers’ Poster

The adorable Jung Eun-Ji, who propelled to fame in the television world with her debut in Answer Me 1997, stars in the new Korean drama series called Trot Lovers. Opposite to her character, Choi Choon-Hee, is the spoiled but talented well-known singer named Jang Jun-Hyun, played aptly by Ji Hyun-Woo from A Thousand Kisses.


korean drama trot lovers
Ji Hyun-woo plays Jang Jun-Hyun, a once-famous singer who fell off his pedestal

Jang Jun-Hyun is a Korean rock star, famous with the young girls and an idol in his own right. Due to a bunch of mishaps, his agency tosses him aside and he finds himself totally penniless and even homeless.

Much of  the chaos that results in his downfall, he blames on one girl:

trot lovers kdrama
Jung Eun-Ji plays the role of Choi Choon-Hee, the girl who loves trot music

Choi Choon-Hee.

Ever since their first encounter, where she called him out on cheating at a marathon, every encounter has been filled with ill-will and disaster.

Choon-Hee is the sweet eldest daughter of a single father and a wonderful sister to a young sister. Thanks to the father’s business troubles, they don’t have much — and end up even worse when the father takes off to avoid his piling debts after creditors take over his small store.

Without him there, Choon-Hee is left with no source of income and no hope to make any changes that would result in a better life for her and her younger sister.

But one thing is for sure: the girl can sing. She’s the daughter of a trot singer, which is music considered to be much like country music used to be treated in the U.S., and at this point, we’re unsure what the backstory is regarding Choon-Hee’s mother and another female character in the series; I’m sure it will unfold soon.

Trot Lovers Korean Drama
The two main characters in Trot Lovers

As is the case with many Korean drama series, the happenings in this storyline are a little ridiculous. I mean, what luck for the President of a Talent Agency to just be watching the millisecond the main female lead breaks into song, and gives her the opportunity of a lifetime?

There are quite of a few of these “unbelievable” moments, but once the story gets going, it reels you in nicely with sweet humor and a good pull between the budding threesomes.

Trot Lovers Korean Drama
Really hilarious is Shin Sung-Rok in Trot Lovers

Absolutely crucial to making Trot Lovers a very endearing and funny series is Shin Sung-Rok. His role is technically a supporting role, and he doesn’t get as much camera time in the first five episodes as do the main characters, but in great contrast to his incredibly evil role in My Love from Another Star, he is downright comedic in Trot Lovers.

Kdrama trot lovers
Trot Lovers’ Male Leads

I’m just now catching up on this series and through episode 5, it’s quite entertaining. There are a few heartbreaking moments but there are an equal number of hilarious moments where you crack up.

The supporting actors in the series are also quite an addition, including two loan sharks who come after Choi Choon-Hee to collect her father’s debt.

Kdrama Trot Lovers
Trot Lovers Official Poster

You’ll recognize that the almost essential “he likes her but she likes him who actually likes the other girl who likes him too but loves the other him” storyline — all involving the four characters shown in the poster above.

That said, it’s rather fresh and entertaining. I recommend you give it a whirl, especially if these are any of your favorite actors. Jung Eun-Ji, originally a singer with the group A-Pink, has a mindblowingly good voice. While the music she sings on the show may not be everyone’s cup of tea (it’s traditional Korean music) — she does it so effortlessly and beautifully that you can’t help but get drawn in by the angelic voice.

Incidentally, in addition to Jung Eun-Ji, both Ji Hyun-Woo and Shin Sung-Rok are also singers — which, in a series about singing, is not that surprising.

Here’s the first episode of the series — subtitled and on Youtube. You should be able to easily search for the other episodes, or check out Trot Lovers on Hulu.

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