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Korean Movie: Wonderful Radio (a.k.a. Love On-Air)

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I have no idea why they titled the film “Wonderful Radio” exactly in Korean — and then for the US release, they dubbed it as “Love On-Air”. But for those of you who don’t read Korean, rest assured the title says “Wonderful Radio.”

Funny, funny movie.

I laughed, cried, then laughed some more.

Starring the always beautiful Lee Min-Jung, Wonderful Radio is a comedic look at a washed-up singer named Shin Jin-Ah who was a huge hit back in the day as the lead in a girl group called “Purple”….until she suddenly broke apart the girl group and retired on stage.

As Love on Air progresses, you will learn what happened to drive Shin Jin-Ah to do what she did.

Love on Air - Wonderful Radio kdrama
Lee Min-Jung as Shin Jin-Ah

In present day, Shin Jin-Ah is hosting a radio show aptly called, “Wonderful Radio,” with her own production staff. The show isn’t a huge hit; in fact, it’s kind of a flop as nobody is really tuning in. The only one who doesn’t realize it’s a failure and it’s not working is Shin Jin-Ah, as she lives in her head. It’s hard to accept that your prime days are past you – and Shin Jin-Ah is fixated on her Purple days…

You see her throwing a fit when present-day girl groups don’t recognize her, or even recognize the name of her girl group, Purple. She’s older, and officially, she is a has-been — but she’s determined to make a comeback as a solo artist.

Lee MinJung
The outstandingly beautiful Lee Min-Jung

Fast forward a couple of years from the making of this film, and she plays the role of Na Aera on Sly and Single Again, which I will review soon. The two roles are quite similar in personality, and both suit Lee Min-Jung very well.

I personally adore this actress. She’s gorgeous – but more than that, she envelopes her character’s personality completely, and she’s able to pull off romantic as well as comedic.

Lee Jung Jae
Lee Jung-Jae, photo by

Starring opposite Lee Min-Jung is Lee Jung-Jae, the young one — not the old superstar on The Thieves, and a ton of other films.

He’s quite charismatic. I can’t make up my mind whether I really like this actor or not — but for the purpose of his role in Wonderful Radio, I thought his acting was quite convincing as the irritated and aloof producer who starts off thinking Shin Jin-Ah is absolutely pathetic.

The storyline is obvious, isn’t it? While unpredictable is not something that Wonderful Radio is, the story is written well enough to keep you engaged and laughing. A couple of times — I did need tissues.


Lee Seung-Hwan, one of Korea’s top, TOP singers and composers, has a cameo role in the film–not surprising, since the movie is about singers and music, to a degree.

In summary — Wonderful Radio, or also known as Love on Air, is worth watching on a relaxing evening with a bag of popcorn. It’s entertaining and quite charming with some interesting history behind the characters.

Here’s a trailer for you to watch:

It’s available on Dramafever right now. Give it a whirl!

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