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The Latest Korean Movie Reviews

In recent years, Korean movies have become quite amazing. We watch them constantly and continue to update this page with both new and old movies.

Whenever possible, we include the entire video into each post, or at least find out where and how you can watch it.  In some cases, we add our own subtitles if none are available online.

Let us know what you think of each when you get to watch them.

  • Korean Movie: Eleventh Mom

    열한번째 엄마 | KdramaWorld.comAt eleven years of age, Jae-Su, played by Kim Young Chan, has been through stepmother after stepmother–ten of them, to be exact. None of them have actually been official stepmothers; these were just women that the good-f0r-nothing father brought home and ordered him to call “mom”. His biological mother seems to have died earlier on ...
  • Korean Movie: The Thieves (도둑들)

    The Thieves -- Korean Movie As advanced and awesome as Korean dramas are, Korean movies tend to lack compared to their Hollywood counterparts. But The Thieves, directed by Choi Dong-Hoon, stands out as different; it’s as entertaining and captivating as Korean movies get. At the time of this writing, The Thieves (도둑들) is the second highest grossing Korean film ...

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