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#KDrama Review: Oh My Venus Starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah #OhMyVenus

Oh My Venus — It’s Actually Truly Terrible

Oh My Venus Kdrama ReviewOh, My Venus! stars two of my favorite actors–both stunningly beautiful people and in some of my favorite roles to date. So Ji Sub, from I’m Sorry, I Love You (perhaps our favorite drama of all time) and Master’s Sun, and Shin Min Ah — possibly one of Korea’s most beautiful and natural looking girls, star in Oh My Venus. We really love them both. Like, really.

So then why was it that this was one of the worst dramas I’ve watched?

It wasn’t even watching—I ENDURED the drama just to get to the end.

But I will add this: I posted saying as much on our KdramaWorld G+ Page — and quite a few people disagreed with me, so perhaps you will love it like they did. I don’t know. So…take that for what it’s worth. This is obviously just our opinion and two of us who watched it agree. This may have sufficed if this were 1990, but in 2016 — I expect MUCH more from a drama series.

Really terrible, haha.

The Problem with Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Kdrama Review

Clearly, the two stars look good together. Clearly, the two are both talented actors.
And this still confuses me, but how is it you take two good actors and make a boring, lifeless and dull drama?

So then why was it that this was one of the worst dramas I've watched?
Shin Min Ah — as the fat version of “Daegu Venus”

In theory, the drama should have worked. Shin Min Ah has some awesome work done to make herself into a chubby version of her character. During her high school years in Daegu, she was so pretty that her nickname was “Daegu Venus.” Over the years, having been with the same guy for seven years and going through trials and tribulations of life, she’s gained weight and the normally “Venus-like” girl is somewhat chubbier.

KDrama Oh My Venus Review

KDrama Oh My Venus ReviewThis leads to her long-time boyfriend (played by Jung Gyu-Won, shown above on the left) cheating on her with…her best friend from college, who was stupendously fat in the past (also great makeup and props, second photo above) but is now slim and tall, played by Yoo In-Young (pictured 1st photo above, on the right). Her character in this show is mediocre at best, but Yoo In Young is also an actress I simply don’t like. Her acting is hard to watch and generally the same everywhere, whether she’s a good or bad role, and her voice irritates me instantly, but that had nothing to do with why I disliked Oh My Venus so much.

The Oh My Venus Kdrama Storyline

The storyline in and of itself should not have been bad.

KDrama Oh My Venus ReviewSo Ji Sub plays the role of “John Kim” or Kim Young-Ho (ironically both extremely typical names for Korean guys in America and Korea, respectively) who is the heir to an enormous fortune (of course) but exiles himself to the U.S. where he has become the fitness trainer to the stars. He’s been associated with famous American stars as trainer and lover and he abhors anything that doesn’t exude fitness and healthiness. He’s abrupt and direct — and quite reminiscent of his character from Master’s Sun.

There are reasons behind how he became this way, which the series will delve into.

KDrama Oh My Venus ReviewShin Min Ah is a bubbly lawyer in present day who is neither this nor that in every aspects of her life. She’s smart but not that smart, she’s pretty but sort of fat now, she has a boyfriend but he seems disinterested in her or their relationship and she’s a decent lawyer but nothing anyone would write home about. She just turned out to be pretty mediocre despite her childhood where she was every boy’s first crush in her city.

She’s a little disappointed in how she turned out but is flexible enough to accept herself as-is.

Up to this point, I can accept this story.

Kdrama Review: Oh My Venus is Terrible

But what made Oh My Venus border on TERRIBLE is that ultimately, the story wasn’t a story. The plot wasn’t a plot, and while I definitely do not need conflict to make a good story as perfectly showcased in Answer Me 1988, this entire series was just 16 hours of trying to show the faces of these two admittedly beautiful people. I don’t know what else they were trying to show, because that’s all I got. So Ji Sub, doing his gallant man routine, and Shin Min Ah, pretty and bubbly, always cute — but behind the faces, there was no story except that he didn’t like fat, he discovered why she’s gotten fat, fixed fat because she’s very determined, and then voila — they’re in love. And….they’re in love. And….oh yea, they’re in love.

Don’t even get me started on the whole, “If you get thin, hot guys will fall for you” issue. Beyond that, it was wretched how when Shin Min Ah’s character, Kang Joo Eun, was fat, she was just merely helpless. The reason Kim Young Ho even enters her life is because she’s helpless. He doesn’t like her, he doesn’t think she’s pretty (you know, because she’s fat) but he’s weak for helpless people and that’s why the over-confident “I’m Daegu Venus!” girl is cowering in street corners and unable to help herself until Young Ho rescues her, time and again. But then, on the flipside, she has a stalker….who Young Ho, of course, saves her from–but then that’s that. The stalker she had is apparently the least obsessed stalker in the history of all stalkers. Oh, and her ex-boyfriend who dumped her for her previous best friend–that relationship is like mixing water with water, about as bland as it can get. I hoped, AT LEAST, the fight would be on for the ex-boyfriend to realize he’d let go of an amazing girl and the conflict would develop between him and Young Ho (the man who has everything and would obviously win!) but no…not even that stupid and predictable plot was in this ridiculous drama.

Venus14-00048But Young Ho’s family is uber-rich. So I held out hope that if nothing else, we’d at least get the typical “rich guardian objects to the relationship” Korean drama plot, but we didn’t even get that. In fact, she makes such a ridiculous request at the end that it’s mind-boggling. No Korean grandmother would ever request such a thing. EVER.

By the last two episodes, I’m in such disbelief that I’m completely void of emotion. I just keep shaking my head….

I could go on but I feel like I’d be wasting more time on Oh My Venus. If you can think a Korean drama with two amazing actors in it is good just because they’re on it, watch Oh My Venus. It’s great in that regard and you’ll never get sick of seeing the two faces. But if you watch Korean dramas to actually FEEL something or to CARE about the characters — skip it. Oh My Venus lacks so much in story development or even proper editing, it’s not worth it.

As is our typical style, we are embedding episode 1 of Oh My Venus below. I really suggest you don’t watch it. In many ways, I enjoyed this drama (which I really didn’t like!) more than I did Oh My Venus.


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3 thoughts on “#KDrama Review: Oh My Venus Starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah #OhMyVenus

  1. Absolutely agree with your review. For me, the drama got so painful to watch that for a time I just glanced at the subtitles with the sound off until something interesting looked like it was happening. I actually liked the drama up to the point when she lost all her weight. After that, there was no more story. The drama simply became a collection of cutesy scenes. But even those few “emotional” scenes the director threw in fell flat because of the terrible editing. In the end, it felt like I was watching something the director was making up on the spot and just padding time to fill an hour. It’s a shame I hated this drama since I typically really enjoy Shin Min Ah’s movies and shows. I think the entire drama should have just been about her being chubby and dealing with life. She’s such a good actress that watching her play ordinary for an entire drama would have been very interesting. Instead, I had to endure watching cutesy love.

  2. U have no taste in movies come on oh my venus was epic amd your bloody know it how dare you discriminate oh my venus that way you bloody fool

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