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Roommate News: Park Bom is Out; Dong Wook is Back!

Park Bom Roommate - Drug Scandal
Park Bom — removed from the popular show, Roommate

I’m bummed. Really, really bummed. One of my favorite characters on the ongoing reality drama series, Roommate, is undoubtedly Park Bom from 2NE1, the girl band group. I found her sort of freakishly plasticky looking on episode 1, but by the third episode, she was so adorable in her own sweet and naive way that I grew to adore her.

Roommmate Park Bom -- no longer on Roommate
Park Bom and the Camera Man

Her interactions with whoever is behind that camera were hilarious, don’t you think? So as of last month, it’s official: Park Bom is out. She is no longer on Roommate, and the official story is that she felt uncomfortable continuing with the show. Why? Well, she had a scandal of sorts FOUR YEARS AGO. Four! And she wasn’t charged with anything at all.

park bom roommate 1The story goes that she (or her parents) had amphetamines mailed to Korea from the US and since they are illegal in Korea, they had been disguised as candy while being shipped. How the story came to light, I don’t know. Why it’s being brought up again four years later is even more mysterious — especially when the girl wasn’t charged with anything back then. Park Bom Photos So as of a few episodes ago, we’ll no longer be seeing any of the adorable Park Bom on Roommate. It’s a big loss because she was one of the most entertaining on that show. I was so curious to see what, if anything, develops between her and Lee Dong Wook.

lee dong wook roommate
The charismatic and funny Lee Dong Wook returns full-time to Roommate

Just when you think it’s all over, the news isn’t all bad. Having finished filming his ongoing series, Hotel King, Lee Dong-Wook is returning to Roommate full-time — which means we’ll be seeing much more of him in the upcoming episodes. He’s funny…and he’s so sweet. He’s the quintessential “oppah” as far as I can tell.

His main interest in the show, and his partner for many of these hilarious interactions, was Park Bom herself. But his interactions will all of the cast has been great. So perhaps the show will go on and still be good, though the last few episodes leave me a little doubtful as they weren’t as good as the first 10 episodes. lee dong wookWell, okay — I feel a *little* better now. I’m sure you do, too. πŸ™‚

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